Old School C.C. Toy Drive

This Sunday Old School car club of Phoenix Arizona along with Timeless Bombs, Phoeniquera Classics, and Intimidations held their toy drive this weekend at South Mountain Park. At the end of the day their was two truckloads of toys to be delivered to Cardon Children’s Medical Center. Donations from many clubs and even spectators were made for this good cause. ITS Cru was there to get some pics, so if you couldn’t make it out, here they are. Enjoy!

ITS 24 ITS 22 ITS 21 ITS 20 ITS 17 ITS 16 ITS 15 ITS 13 ITS 12 ITS 11 ITS 8 ITS 7 ITS 6 ITS 4 ITS 2 _MG_0231 _MG_0213 _MG_0184 _MG_0133 _MG_0089 _MG_0013 ITS 25

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