Miss Custom AZ Pinup 2015

KitKat Marie, the beautiful young lady in this feature is our 2015 Miss Custom AZ Pinup. Her taking first place in the ITSSICCARSHOW Pinup Pageant, can easily be attributed to her tremendous elegance and class. Our guy Paco had the pleasure of doing the photo shoot she won with her crown. Thank you both for the great pics. See you at the Civic!

IMG_9664 IMG_9660 IMG_9600 IMG_9593 IMG_9591 IMG_9558 IMG_9554 IMG_9537 IMG_9528 IMG_9513 IMG_9508 IMG_9506 IMG_9500 IMG_9496 IMG_9486 IMG_9481 IMG_9473 IMG_9471 IMG_9468 IMG_9441 IMG_9427 IMG_9420 IMG_9418

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